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Learn more about the uniquely interesting solo board game hobby through the honest opinions and thoughts of a solo player.

Welcome to Gameward Bound! This blog is dedicated to the many aspects of solitaire board games. From articles and rules explanations to reviews and sessions, the goal is to create a useful solo resource for all sorts of players. Enjoy exploring the different pages and posts to find the most helpful information, as well as a little bit of my quirky humor!

The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How

Find out the answers to the Five Ws and How of Gameward Bound. These short responses provide a top-level overview of the blog, along with some helpful information. Read on to learn even more about what to expect!

Who is the Blog Designed For?

Gameward Bound is all about solo board games. I write about many different aspects designed for solo players of all types. For those new to the hobby, articles and guides about general solo board game ideas may be helpful. I also have plenty of resources for seasoned solo players. If you like solo board games, then this blog is for you. Welcome!

What Kind of Content Does the Blog Have?

None of my posts contain profanity, as I want Gameward Bound to be a place safe for most ages. Some board games have more mature content based on specific themes. These may be covered, but I consider the vast majority of my writing to be rated either G or PG. The comment policy also ties into this idea. Enjoy reading about board games!

When are New Posts Published to the Blog?

My goal is to post at least once weekly, although my schedule may allow for more posts. Some weeks might feature daily posts. Other weeks might be a little lighter. Many factors play into this posting schedule. Finally, in-depth posts might mean less overall posts but more overall content. Be sure to check back at least weekly!

Where Else Can the Blog be Found Online?

Gameward Bound is present on many social media sites. These spaces are mostly used to communicate new posts and updates to the blog in general. Other news and information about solo board games may also be included. Follow the blog to keep up with every update and never miss a new post by visiting the links below or in the footer!

Why Does the Blog Exist?

I created Gameward Bound for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, I wanted to share my passion for solo board games and create a useful resource. I also wanted to build a blog from the ground up to understand more about coding and connecting as a brand through social media. This is a learning experience for me, plus a place for you!

How Can the Blog be Contacted for Questions?

The contact form is the easiest method to get in touch with me. Feel free to reach out in another way, though, which might be through your preferred social media site. Comments are also open on individual posts, which might be a great option for publicly asking a specific question. I welcome any sort of board game message or question!











A Short(ish) Biography About Jessica

Hello! My name is Jessica, and I go by the username Albia on Board Game Geek. Board games have always been a part of my life, although playing solo really started to take off for me in mid-2017. Take a trip back through time with me…

The Early Years of My Board Games

I played plenty of board games when I was growing up. There were the classic staples, such as Monopoly and Trouble. My interest was always present, but most of my time was devoted to other random activities and hobbies. However, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that some holiday shopping research reintroduced me to board games.

A combination of Carcassonne and the Settlers of Catan showed me how interesting modern board games could be. Over the next decade, my collection slowly grew as I enjoyed playing multiplayer games with my family and friends.

During this time, I was absolutely horrendous in the winning department! I lost constantly but found ways to have fun.

A Twist of Fate: From Multiplayer to No Player

In 2015, my usual gaming group disbanded due to time commitments. My collection of excellent multiplayer games was rather unusable due to this unfortunate twist. With no one to play with, I carefully packed up and stored my games.

My free time shifted to video games, where I spent countless hours in the character creation screens. Like an unwanted guest, my mild motion sickness showed up and steadily worsened during the year. I could only play for short periods of time, which did nothing to advance the storylines. Or maybe it was all that time spent setting up my characters?

One day, I looked at my board games and wondered if I might be able to do something with them on my own…

A New Chapter with Solo Board Games

I stumbled across Board Game Geek, and that was the beginning of the end. Or the end of the beginning? I quickly found my way to the wonderful community in the 1 Player Guild. I was simply amazed by the sheer number of choices available for solo games! Even unofficial solo variants could be used to play 2+ player games, which I owned a lot of.

That was in 2017, and I’ve never looked back. Now I have an amazing local gaming group that meets regularly, and I enjoy that time. Playing solo games is often by necessity, yet it’s certainly by choice for me. I like the chance to take my time and not feel any pressure to do better than anyone else. I mentioned that constant losing issue I have above…

The journey of solo games is an interesting and lengthy one. Consequently, this blog is the next step in my adventure. I look forward to what the future holds for the hobby! Perhaps I’ll actually win some more? That’s rather unlikely. Ha ha!

Favorite Book

Quite a Year for Plums

Favorite Game


Favorite RPG

Mouse Guard

Favorite Show

The Golden Girls

The Story Behind Gameward Bound

I started contributing to the monthly GeekList, Solitaire Games On Your Table, shortly after I joined Board Game Geek. This wonderful resource is a community-driven effort with session reports about all sorts of solo board games. Its only downfall is its tendency to induce many, many purchases in a short period of time! I am the official Breaker of Wallets.

My writing gave me a chance to explore my collection. I soon realized that I needed to create a template to rate my solitaire board games and track my goals. So I created Gameward Bound: Albia’s Incredible Solo Game Journey.

There is more to the story, though. When I came up with the name for the GeekList, I wanted it to be something that holds a special meaning for me. It took a surprisingly short amount of time for me to stumble across my favorite movie of all time. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey is something I can watch every day for a month… It’s been proven.

In early 2020, I decided to try something new by transitioning over to my own blog. Time will tell how it will work out!

I hope to provide useful information to solo players of all sorts. More than anything, though, the key to writing a blog is to enjoy the content. Some of my choices may not necessarily be popular, yet I plan to have plenty of fun along the way!

More Ways to Learn About Gameward Bound

Curious to discover even more information? Be sure to visit other areas of the blog that may help answer any questions. The following internal links are excellent resources for specific details. Feel free to send me a message, though!

  • Colophon: Discover what the blog uses in terms of technology and other elements, such as fonts.
  • Comment Policy: Understand the expectations and limitations of comments on the blog.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Find the complete answers to common blog inquiries.
  • Privacy Policy: Learn about how the blog processes and uses private information.

There are also plenty of details to discover through my regular posts. I try to stay active in the comments to make sure that every question is answered. I may not post about more than solo board games, yet I could talk about them for ages!

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