Gameward Bound Comment Policy

Understand the expectations and limitations of the comments posted to the blog, and the reasons behind these guidelines.

A blog is a wonderful place to interact and engage in all sorts of conversations, and Gameward Bound is no different! However, there are a few guidelines in place to keep the content safe for a wide audience. There is also a focus on maintaining respect and a community-like atmosphere to welcome all solo players.

Types of Disallowed Comments

Any comments that fall into the following categories may be edited or removed as needed. Gameward Bound reserves the right to determine which comments are classified as disallowed without advance notice. If there are any questions about this policy or a comment that has been edited or removed, please send me a message.

Spam Comments

This type of comment involves irrelevant links, promotions, and the like. Please note that outside links are certainly welcome in the comments, particularly to relevant board game articles, blogs, and sites! Just leave the spam out.

Profane Comments

Light profanity might be OK in most instances, but Gameward Bound is a blog designed to be safe for most ages. This category may also include symbols that mask profanity, yet leave little to the imagination. Please be appropriate.

Offensive Comments

What classifies as offensive to one individual may be very different for another. This type of comment will still be monitored, as it’s usually obvious when something is meant in a demeaning way. Be kind and respectful to others.

Personal attacks fall under the offensive category. Disagreeing about the merits and faults of a board game often makes for a good debate. Yet crossing the line to personally attack someone else for a specific opinion is not allowed here.

A Note About Different Opinions

Although comments may be edited or removed as needed, this does not mean that discussions are discouraged. Feel free to question why a board game is good or bad. Disagree with a review or statement? Share that opinion! The board game hobby offers so much because there are a lot of unique perspectives and preferences out there.