Character Crossover with Fox Curio’s Floating Bookshop

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Travel upstream or downstream in a calm, cozy experience through the days and seasons of Fox Curio’s Floating Bookshop.

Daily solo journaling can require a bit of a time investment, yet my adventures on the River haven’t slowed down! I continue to love Fox Curio’s Floating Bookshop and all it has to offer. It comes without demands, offering little threads that might turn into deeper stories… Or not. My journey with Jenkin has taken some interesting turns lately!

Game Overview

Game Name: Fox Curio’s Floating Bookshop
Publication Year:
 Ella Lim
 Ella Lim and Linnea Sterte
Publisher: Lost Ways Club
Solo Mode: Designed for Solo (Included in the Base Game)

With gorgeously illustrated cards by Beth Sobel, I’ve been living life as a chipmunk bookseller on the River. Days are spent either selling, traveling, shopping, fishing, going to festivals, or practically anything else! Weather provides a backdrop to bring this animalfolk world to life, too.

Meandering on the River and in Nature with River and Stone Cards with Fox Curio's Floating Bookshop

Peaceful Writing

I treat my handwriting like artwork in some ways, so I take my time forming the letters. Makes it all very neat and easy to read in the future! But I just like going slowly.

Each day, I spend around 30-60 minutes going through a day on the River. Jenkin has lucked into lots of coins, so I’ve taken to doing a little traveling and exploring.

He ended up with a bit of a tragic backstory that might take away the coziness… Yet makes him feel more real.

The majority of my writing is very happy, though, and I particularly love the days with trying customers!

Continuing a Lovely Story on the River in Fox Curio's Floating Bookshop

A Fun Crossover

Many of us who began our journeys on the River have looked ahead to meeting up in-game for a shared session.

I had the distinct opportunity of having my friend, Jay, send her character from another RPG into a dream where she transformed into an animalfolk. Welcome, Holly!

Pulling some Once Upon a Time cards made this all feel very accurate. Her visit was the highlight of the day, and can you guess what betrayed her? Her hedgehog spikes!

I’ll share the full writeup of this experience below. So much fun doing a little crossover like this!

Welcoming Holly from Another RPG to Fox Curio's Floating Bookshop

The Skyflower Festival

Holly the hedgehog visited when Jenkin finally got to dock in Kiawake. A boat carrying all the mail crashed into the wharf the day before, delaying his exciting arrival.

Although it was a festival day, the weather was cold and horrid… Jenkin opened up the bookshop and handed out cordial made from heaps of pink skyflowers.

Properly seasoned with a touch of nutmeg, it brought in many animalfolk dressed in their absolute best!

The fire made for a cozy space, too, and it was Holly who parked herself in an armchair for most of the day.

A Gaggle of Festival Attendees Looking for Books in Fox Curio's Floating Bookshop

A Tiny Visitor

Things took a rather hilarious turn when this little rabbit showed up and started chattering on and on about details she couldn’t know. Jenkin was alarmed… Was it magic?

Note that he already had his first customer, Alice, turn up as a stowaway after he left Arborea. Confounded little one!

This turned out to be her cousin, who received a letter with all sorts of nice things to say about the bookshop. Alice still thinks she’s going to be working here shortly.

I took the opportunity to bring in Holly’s knowledge about doorknobs and dangers. What a moment for Jenkin!

Having a Hilarious and Beautiful Story Moment with Animalfolk in Fox Curio's Floating Bookshop

A Visit from Holly and a Day on the River

Without delay, the pink skyflowers begin to appear in the early morning hours. I miss the first descents as a cold rain steadily drums. The air is deliciously scented as I guide the bookshop into the open harbor. Some soggy mail still floats in the reeds. I draw my jacket closer. Most shops will be closed for the festival, but it is such a cold, dismal day.

I open the door and set a roaring fire to make browsing pleasant, then gather bunches of blossoms. As the cordial bubbles in the pot with a cheery gurgle, customers in their festival attire descend the steps from Kiawake.

There is a warmth here, but it quickly drains when I walk about to find old Aunt Mabel. Her expression is hard as stone as her lip quivers. She makes for the door before I can say a word. Into the heavy mix of rain and skyflowers she darts. So, they will know I’m here. The sky briefly opens up in a rather torrential downpour, and there is an ominous thud.

I emerge to find a hedgehog sitting on the deck, entirely drenched with flowers stuck in her spikes. She huffs a bit when I hold out a paw, and she awkwardly rolls around until she rights herself. There is a little fear and hesitation as she glances about. I introduce myself, inviting her to look through the books.

Holly, her name she offers with a powerful pawshake, gladly moves in out of the rain. I fetch a mug of warm skyflower cordial, lightly spiced with nutmeg. She finds her way to the chair near the fireplace, where she leans back comfortably and swallows the cordial in a single gulp. I pass her a favorite mystery to read as she dries off: Betrayed by Hunger.

All of the young festival performers arrive to escape the cold. So very unusual for Bloom. I watch as the cordial lifts their spirits. Dresses twirl and petals whirl in the air as their laughter echoes. They are all most intrigued by a new detective series that might be the next top-seller on the River, called the Inspector Buttercup Crimes.

Holly is exactly where I left her, eager to sample more cordial each time I pass. There is something odd that I can’t quite put a paw on. She smiles with disguised strain as I note how far she has read. We have a pleasant exchange until a young rabbit approaches me with a query. She looks remarkably like Alice and starts to point out all sorts of details.

I am afraid some magic is at play and mention to Holly this could be an illusion. The hedgehog makes a strange remark about the door being open, so there could not have been a doorknob test. Before my very eyes, she tosses the book at the rabbit. Luckily, she is alert and catches it, finding it a perfect suggestion. I hastily close up, watching Holly.

Still, she does not stir. I make smalltalk as I take stock of the shelves and evening settles in. Finally, I remind Holly of the time and how the festivities will continue in town. She huffs again, slightly perturbed, and reveals that she is quite literally stuck in the chair. Her spikes are deep in the fabric. How strange for a grown hedgehog not to know this.

I carefully help her escape. I invite her to stay for a meal, where she regales me with daring adventures I only read in books. I wonder if she is a traveling author as she gulps the last of the cordial. We bid one another farewell in the cold darkness. Beyond the glow of the dock lights, Holly disappears. I wonder if she will return with more tales.

Sweeping up, I find a letter near the fireplace. It is from Alice, addressed to her cousin, Hortence. So that explains the young rabbit’s knowledge. I fold it up so as not to pry, but catch one phrase: “Mr. Jenkin is a very nice chipmunk.” I go to bed wondering what she would write if she knew everything, And where is Alice now? Home? 

Traveling Upstream

At this point, my journey has taken me close to the end of the first season, Bloom. I’ve seen all sorts of customers, experienced weather calamities, and laughed a whole lot.

There have been interesting book titles, that day when everything went wrong for Jenkin and some real magic might have helped him, and the ongoing story of Alice.

I’m learning more about this little bookseller and his place in this imaginary world, while enjoying my creativity.

My best piece of advice to anyone getting into solo journaling RPGs: Write as if no one cares, except for you!

Finding Beautiful Scenes in the Weather and Customers in Fox Curio's Floating Bookshop

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Have you had a chance to play Fox Curio’s Floating Bookshop? Are there any other solo journaling RPGs that give you a cozy sort of story to tell? I’m going to try to keep up writing daily as these adventures continue for Jenkin. There are more customers to meet, towns to see, books to sell, and memories to make on this stretch of the River!


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