Wedding, Wedding, Crypt: A Typical Legacy of Dragonholt Day

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Celebrate the exciting events in and around a village near the end of the Legacy of Dragonholt adventure.

Momentum had my half-catfolk character, Myth, on an upswing after things took a turn for the better in Legacy of Dragonholt. She was in the right places at the right times, so there were some fun events ahead! With the rest of the quest books laid out before me, I was ready to keep this adventure going. Only… Where was it actually going?

Spoiler Alert

Here I am again, watching out for anyone who hasn’t played yet! The following post includes plenty of spoilers for chapter 5 of the main Dragonholt Village story, plus Crypt of Kharthuun. Read at your own peril! Actually, there are a fair number of details that might take away any surprises. Most are good, so be sure to skip over this if you want to!

Game Overview

Game Name: Legacy of Dragonholt
Publication Year:
 Nikki Valens and More
 A. Aparin, J. Atienza, J. Blando, and More
Solo Mode: Included in the Base Game

The village was aglow with a monumental celebration for a wedding! I knew all about it, and it was going to be simply amazing. But little did everyone know that through some luck, Myth helped bring a couple together. There was to be another wedding that same day… If I could figure out where it was. Weddings were just everywhere!

Planning for a Fun-Filled Wedding Day in Legacy of Dragonholt

About Inclusivity and Gender Preferences

As I browsed through countless comments and reviews over the years, I stumbled across many complaints regarding the pairing of a particular couple. For a major spoiler, it consists of Braxton, a female orc, and Mariam, a female gnome. Their relationship is adorable and mostly consists of them supporting each other or just being together.

I thought there were going to be gratuitous public displays of affection. That’s an aspect I’m not a big fan of in my games, regardless of the individuals involved. But nope! Braxton and Mariam share, at most, a handful of kisses. Their wedding is adorable, and the happiest of occasions. It was nice to “attend” a wedding, especially with the pandemic!

I participated in both weddings in the village, and couldn’t quite settle on the right Calico Critters to represent Braxton and Mariam. Half of my collection is still across town from my own wedding last month! So the following is from the rather hidden wedding, though I don’t mean to exclude the main reception. Celebrate your love, Braxton and Mariam!

Finding the Venue

The previous night, Myth learned about a wedding that was to take place in the village green. So that’s exactly where I sent her first thing in the morning… But no couple.

I wondered if I made another mistake about the days. Yet my senses caught up with me! It was just across the way.

This older couple finally tied the knot after at least 40 years of just never taking the first step. Hurray!

You may notice something in the background… This beautiful backdrop was a special wedding present for me drawn by ThroughTheDeckGlass! Thank you so much!

Lucking Into the Location of a Rather Secret Wedding in Legacy of Dragonholt

From Vows to Crypts

What better way to top off the merriment than descend into a crypt?! That’s right: Myth missed out on the official reception purely so she could explore a creepy area.

And creepy it was! Spiders were everywhere, including one massive 8-legged monster. Bleh!

I thought everything was under control, but suddenly there were a pair of rather undead wolves. So ensued a battle of epic proportions. The action was nonstop!

Nearly exhausted, Myth finally dealt the final blow. She returned to the village, buoyed by the day’s events.

A Pair of Weddings and a Crypt: All in a Day of Legacy of Dragonholt

Skills: To Have or Not to Have

Many decisions are tied to skills, which a character either has or doesn’t have. Some choices are multi-tiered, in that multiple skills are needed in succession. It isn’t obvious when these will happen, so it comes down to choosing carefully. Myth owned a special item that gave her the ability to temporarily use a skill once per quest or encounter.

Even when I thought things were going well, she took a pretty massive hit to her stamina. Thank goodness I spent all those coins on healing potions! Never had her stamina fallen below 3, and this quest disabled a skill for the first time via the narrative. Still, I was really happy with her starting skills and the handful she learned along the way!

Session Overview

Play Number: 5
Solo Mode: Included in the Base Game
Play Details: Village Chapter 5 and Crypt of Kharthuun
Required Play Space: 30″ x 26″
Setup Time: Almost None
Play Time: 1 Hour & 15 Minutes
Outcome: Complete

I had it all planned out! There was one final waltz to do at the end of the wedding celebrations. Myth’s partner of choice? Her newly discovered frost rune! Although don’t actually touch that… Keep a safe distance, Myth. Ha ha!

A Fine Discovery and Dancing Partner from Legacy of Dragonholt


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Which day was your favorite from Legacy of Dragonholt? I’m sad about the end coming up so quickly… Especially since I haven’t made much progress in unraveling the main mystery! Did you manage to work in multiple plays with other characters? I have so many different paths I want to explore, so there is definitely more in store for this game!


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