Legacy of Dragonholt Finale: An Emotional Tale of Losses

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Join the final adventures of a half-catfolk character in her journey through the village in Legacy of Dragonholt.

As much as I didn’t want the Legacy of Dragonholt ending to happen, I was eager to discover the conclusion! This narrative-based tale provided me with plenty of deep thoughts and emotional moments I wasn’t expecting. With a main mystery still very much unsolved and plenty of village activities going on, Myth had to choose her final path.

Spoiler Alert

Look away! This post includes major spoilers for chapters 6 and 7 of the main Dragonholt Village story, Terror on the Prairie, and Paper Faces. If you haven’t been too sensitive to spoilers before, this contains the end of the tale. I highly recommend only reading if you already finished a full play and reached your own ending. Read only when you’re done!

Game Overview

Game Name: Legacy of Dragonholt
Publication Year:
 Nikki Valens and More
 A. Aparin, J. Atienza, J. Blando, and More
Solo Mode: Included in the Base Game

It all started off nicely enough with a hot day in the village. But there was much more going on in the distance… A dragon was terrorizing the area! Myth raced off to help after finishing up a few morning story arcs. But she was quickly running away because… Dragon! This was certainly an interesting experience near the end.

Racing Away from Danger in Legacy of Dragonholt

Off to the Masquerade

Before I knew it, the final day in the village was upon me. I might have paused to reflect and stretch out the last book… Yet I was on a roll and felt confident!

Besides, the promise of a grand masquerade ball was too much excitement to pass up. With a proper mask in hand (or paw), Myth was prepared for a happy kind of ending.

I was a little on edge, though. There was something dark underpinning the festivities… Something sinister.

The early loss of Phillip still haunted the paragraphs. I never expected to feel so utterly horrible about his death.

Donning a Special Mask for the Masquerade Ball in Legacy of Dragonholt

From a Night of Fun to Fear

Everyone from the village was in attendance. I stumbled into a few endearing moments, particularly with the baker, Grisbeck. Maybe I focused on him, yet I loved how his character was portrayed. As a single father with a young daughter, he clearly devoted himself to her. It was nice to see this kind of relationship showcased so prominently.

Myth even managed to have a few happy, personal moments with him. Could a half-catfolk fit into his idea of a family? It looked like it, and I was excited to read about how this might play into the epilogue.

But then… Everything took a turn. Many attendees turned out to be masked bandits, intent on following through with a horrible plan. Everyone fled, except for the brave few destined to protect the queen and last remaining heiress. Myth stood side by side with her friends as they fought valiantly. And then, the mastermind behind it all emerged.

A Shocking Ending

I wasn’t at all prepared for the string of events that awaited Myth. There were choices to bring about either a peaceful or deathly resolution. I chose the former.

Time and time again, Myth’s skills served her well and I could almost taste victory. But then… It happened.

Kyric grabbed Rochelle after her mother sacrificed herself to save everyone. He was about to kill her, but I had the chance to make a final decision. It had to work.

I wouldn’t classify the text as overly violent, yet it has moments and situations that evoke strong emotions.

Ending on the Worst Note in Legacy of Dragonholt

The Sad Realization of Utter Defeat

As the above photo shows, Myth ended up with the worst possible ending. Rochelle was killed before her, and then the murder was pinned on her. That was it… She actually died at the end of this adventure and I felt a real sense of defeat. Not like a simple beat-your-own-score loss where resetting is easy. No. I did this and failed to save anyone.

Before you wonder if this was a traumatic experience for me, it wasn’t! Quite the contrary. It was like reading a novel where I was actually involved. Almost, if you will, if The Neverending Story came to life in a small way. This was a game that would stick with me for a long time. It made me think. More importantly, it made me feel.

The Secret Ending

If you know where to look, there’s actually a secret ending to discover. I read through it with a heavy heart, for it described the village years later… With Myth and Braxton.

But in a way, it was like it still happened. Maybe it was in the land of the spirits that the villagers believed so deeply in. It was a much happier prospect than the real ending.

This was just what I needed. Maybe Myth died… Or perhaps she actually escaped death in some way.

What did it all matter? Once again, it goes back to how emotionally invested I felt with the story. Brilliant.

Finding the Happy Ending Amidst the Sadness in Legacy of Dragonholt

Myth’s Chronicles

So, there it was. The end of the adventure came and went in a very different way than I originally imagined.

Looking back through the quests, though, Myth was still successful. She protected some, reunited a dragon mother with her stolen egg, and did good deeds in the village.

It almost boiled down to Phillip’s death. That failure rippled through every encounter, as it should have.

I can’t fathom playing again anytime soon after Myth’s supposed death, yet there are many things I can try to do differently. Head out early in the day, no matter what!

Looking Back on the History of Myth in Legacy of Dragonholt

All the Colors

My silly plan to add some color to this text-based adventure worked out! This selection of color pencils gave me a way to liven up all of the tracking sheets.

Perhaps this is my gentle way of getting myself into more crafty projects… Like print-and-play games! If I can color in some squares, I can do anything. Ha ha!

Next time, I might even mark the boxes in more of a coded manner to see if I made generally good or bad choices.

Funny how I barely made any progress on my coloring book hobby with this colorful collection…

Adding a Bit of Color to a Text-Based Adventure in Legacy of Dragonholt

Marking Achievements

It may or may not be of interest, but there is an official achievement list to mark off abstract progress.

There were some absolute mysteries as I checked them off. I fared pretty well for not paying too much attention to this beforehand. I shall have to find the cabbages…

The only trouble is that there isn’t an official guide as to what constitutes success for a few of these. This is good enough for me, though I would love to know if I’m right!

Any future adventures should feature a few additional goals, though I mainly just want to save Phillip.

An Interesting Selection of Completed Achievements in Legacy of Dragonholt

Session Overview

Play Number: 6
Solo Mode: Included in the Base Game
Play Details: Chapters 6-7, Prairie, and Paper Faces
Required Play Space: 30″ x 26″
Setup Time: Almost None
Play Time: 2 Hours & 40 Minutes
Outcome: Complete

That’s all she wrote. Myth did well in many senses, except for a couple of important ones. Was it a true failure? I felt responsible in many respects, but this experience was worth it. I absolutely loved this system and story!

A Final Look at the Progress in Legacy of Dragonholt


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How did your adventure in Legacy of Dragonholt end? Did you feel any emotions, or am I just in the minority? Rarely do I even feel exceptionally connected to novels: I sometimes get a little sad when a series ends, yet that’s about it. As I mentioned above, this game made me think and feel… A tricky combination. Farewell, Myth. Somewhere, you live on.


  1. Fascinating stuff! But I’m curious to see how replayable you find it…

    • Thanks, Roger! I’m interested, too, although it may be a little while before I get it back to the table. I still have very memorable moments from this play… Including a few potential solutions. More games mean I’ll likely forget, little by little! My guess is that it will still only be fresh for about 2-3 full playthroughs for me.

      However, I also have plans to run it for mu husband and possibly give it a whirl with my mom. So it should be worth it for me, although I can definitely see some issues for its long-term viability.


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