A Tongue Twister of a Quest in Legacy of Dragonholt

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Return to the immersive world of a paragraph-based roleplaying game with Legacy of Dragonholt.

Are you tired of my Legacy of Dragonholt plays yet? Ha ha! This is just a wonderful kind of adventure that captivated me right from the start. Maybe it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, yet there was the moment when things fell into place for me. After a heartbreaking storyline from my last play, I was looking forward to turning things around for Myth!

Spoiler Alert

Below are some spoilers that cover chapter 4 of the main Dragonholt Village story and Sliver of Silver. This is a game that does well when everything is discovered, so skip right on by to avoid potentially ruining it for yourself!

Game Overview

Game Name: Legacy of Dragonholt
Publication Year:
 Nikki Valens and More
 A. Aparin, J. Atienza, J. Blando, and More
Solo Mode: Included in the Base Game

Genius over here heard about an interesting event in the market, and promptly marked it down for the wrong day. So that disaster from the previous day? Likely my own fault for mixing up the days. Oh, my! But I put it behind me and enjoyed the detailed artwork on the map. Have a look at all of these lovely market stalls along the street!

The Small Details of the Map in Legacy of Dragonholt

To the Southern Grove

Beyond the southern bend in the road, I had business to attend to. There was a quest out there… But there was apprehension in the air. I couldn’t let Myth fail again.

Prior to heading out of the village, though, I visited a few choice spots that I knew were of importance.

This quest seemed pretty straightforward on the surface… Yet as I already learned, it was foolish to make any kind of assumptions about this world. Peril was always nearby.

Off I went to another book outside the village. Caution was vital as I tried not to be responsible for another death…

Exploring South of the Village and Willow Grove in Legacy of Dragonholt

A Host of Goblins

Not the goblins! As Myth crawled into the abandoned mine teeming with the enemies, she stuck to her stealthy ways and made swift progress. So far, so good!

Things took a turn for the worse when the goblin boss showed up. What a grotesque character! I could almost smell him wafting out of the pages. Not so good.

Luckily, I stocked up on potions early on… Practically spent all the coins on them, actually!

Myth stayed on her paws and successfully chased off the goblins. It was a rousing kind of victory in every way.

Fantastic Goblin Artwork from Legacy of Dragonholt

Back to Dragonholt

The day felt slightly minimal in terms of what I discovered, but something told me the items would be of use. I could only hope I made the right decisions.

This quest might qualify as a fairly typical story about clearing out goblins. It’s a common thread in many games.

However, it gave me a little boost of confidence. Taken together with the happy events in the village, it was a nice rebound from the early demise of Phillip.

Once again, I was pleasantly surprised by the emotional impact of the writing. Subtle, yet still very powerful.

Finding New Items Along the Path of a Quest in Legacy of Dragonholt

A Very Minor but Important Nitpick

Each chapter of the village book is defined by what “day” it takes place on. However, I experienced the harvest event that seems to be unavoidable. It actually spans multiple days… Possibly close to a week! No time passes, yet the book isn’t very clear about what’s actually happening. I double-checked online to make sure I wasn’t cheating.

That’s about my only complaint so far, though, and that’s quite minor. I think I saw a single paragraph with a grammar issue. Everything that matters has been awesome, and there’s nothing major I would change! Well, except for that major mistake I made. Someone needs to learn how to tell “tomorrow” and the “day after tomorrow” apart. Ha ha!

Looking Back

At this point, I started to get a little sad at how much progress I had made. There weren’t too many books left in the box, either. So the end wasn’t too far off.

With a release in 2017 and no sign of any expansions or spinoffs yet, it looks like this model won’t be continued.

Boo! I would love to continue on in this setting, although I suppose my goal now is just to make sure that Myth makes it to the end. Maybe she’ll settle down in Dragonholt…

The amount of fun I’ve had so far has been tremendous. To the point that I’ll be sad to say goodbye, in fact.

Looking Back Over the Completed Quests So Far in Legacy of Dragonholt

Session Overview

Play Number: 4
Solo Mode: Included in the Base Game
Play Details: Village Chapter 4 and Sliver of Silver
Required Play Space: 30″ x 26″
Setup Time: Almost None
Play Time: 1 Hour & 15 Minutes
Outcome: Complete

Look at all that progress! My color pencil technique is working out quite nicely and adds a cheery sort of feeling. Myth really needs to spend time at the library, though. I don’t think I need to say it again, but… I love this game!

The Happy Part of Village Life and Progress in Legacy of Dragonholt


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What are your favorite moments from Legacy of Dragonholt? Do you enjoy any other paragraph-based adventures? Some games are more of an experience, particularly if they’re more about the narrative. I still feel like I’ve made some choices, though! This hasn’t left my game table yet, and it won’t until I reach the proper end… Though I don’t want to.


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