Into the Heart of the Village in Legacy of Dragonholt

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Travel to the village proper with a half-catfolk character on a quest for adventure in Legacy of Dragonholt.

The adventure continues! Legacy of Dragonholt seems to call out to be played all the time. My initial experience was wonderfully positive, although it took place during the introduction. I was excited to see what would befall my character as she entered the titular village! What sorts of adventure lurked in the shadows? Possibly… Just shadows. Ha!

Spoiler Alert

Whereas the previous post covered the introduction with minimal spoilers, there are a few details about chapters 1 and 2 from the main Dragonholt Village story. Read at your own risk! Or do as you like. I just try to avoid any unwanted reveals for those who want to play. There’s a very interesting story here, and spoiling it probably isn’t wise!

Game Overview

Game Name: Legacy of Dragonholt
Publication Year:
 Nikki Valens and More
 A. Aparin, J. Atienza, J. Blando, and More
Solo Mode: Included in the Base Game

Off to the village! This tome is the thickest one of the bunch, as it encompasses the heart of the game. Locations may be visited multiple times over the course of many days, and events may change based on the current day. So neat! I eagerly dove in to explore every area of the village. With a beautiful map at hand, I was ready to read a lot!

Exploring the Hidden Corners of the Village in Legacy of Dragonholt

The Best Kind of Luck

So there Myth was, clutching Celyse’s letter, expecting me to decipher the hidden message. I was just… Bad. An utter failure in the art of cryptology, I suppose.

However, I saw all of those spelling mistakes. Take that! I have some skills. Just not the right ones.

Although I didn’t figure out the hidden message, I took what I knew about Celyse and mulled it over. If she was alive, where might she be located? Could I get it right?

A-ha! My very first guess led me right where I planned on sending Myth. Yup. Totally planned right there. Ha ha!

Walking Through the Village in Legacy of Dragonholt

A Crucial Discovery

With luck on my side, Myth came into possession of a journal owned by the ill-fated Sonia. I carefully peeled it open, keeping an eye out for any hidden codes.

At this point, I’m fairly certain that there isn’t a secret message. This “fact” brought to you by the world’s worst cryptographer. So… Another look may be warranted.

It was still a lot of fun to read through the entries, even though many were rather melancholy and sad.

There were a few possible indications of who or what may have led to her demise. I vowed to avenge her death.

Discovering an Interesting Past in Legacy of Dragonholt

Story Points & Colors

My tracking sheet looked positively lovely! With random colors for all of the spaces, it was starting to take shape.

How neat would it be if this ended up spelling out a word or secret symbol? Now that would be awesome! But that’s coming from me, world’s worst cryptographer.

Maybe I prefer cartography… Speaking of which, I have a solo board game for that in the near future!

But back to Myth’s tale. Spending time in the village was simply fun. I got to meet characters, go on small quests, and feel a sense of community across the locations.

A Colorful Tapestry of More Story Points from Legacy of Dragonholt

From Point to Point

Initial luck and acting in-character granted me the wooden trinket. It wasn’t long before I knew just what to do with it! And so began a small quest, of sorts.

The ultimate item is hidden from this photo to avoid too many spoilers! Suffice to say that it was worth it.

My favorite part was how I just stumbled across the solution. What a fun reward! Things like this might seem small, yet I loved the way the quest incorporated so much.

By the end of the second day, I felt like Dragonholt was a village with a lot going on. And what a cast of villagers!

Following the Path of Items Through Legacy of Dragonholt

Session Overview

Play Number: 2
Solo Mode: Included in the Base Game
Play Details: Dragonholt Village Chapters 1 and 2
Required Play Space: 30″ x 26″
Setup Time: Almost None
Play Time: 2 Hours
Outcome: Complete

I took this photo after I started the next day… It’s hard to stop playing for long! Yet Myth had progressed quite nicely by this point and I couldn’t wait to keep pressing on. What a fun game this is turning out to be!

Looking at the Progress in Various Areas from Legacy of Dragonholt


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Do you have any memorable characters from Legacy of Dragonholt? How do you find the reusability to be? I wonder how many plays I might get out of it, although I know that I already have several other paths to try out. The story has been engrossing so far! Interesting characters exist in the village, and I look forward to seeing where Myth ends up!


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