Legacy of Dragonholt: The Sharp Jab of a Failed Quest

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Experience a surprise quest in the middle of mundane village life with a half-catfolk in Legacy of Dragonholt.

As I grew accustomed to village life over the course of a few chapters, I lulled my character into a false sense of security. Legacy of Dragonholt was never billed as a calm, meditative experience in the countryside. There was danger! So when I started to read the next chapter, I was caught off-guard by none other than a daring quest. But was Myth up to the task?

Spoiler Alert

What follows are a few potentially major spoilers for chapter 3 of the main Dragonholt Village story, plus the entire arc of Whispering Leaves. I recommend skipping on by if you’re planning to play yourself! There are still enough vague details, but this experience stuck with me, so an in-depth post was practically necessary. Return whenever you like! 

Game Overview

Game Name: Legacy of Dragonholt
Publication Year:
 Nikki Valens and More
 A. Aparin, J. Atienza, J. Blando, and More
Solo Mode: Included in the Base Game

Just as I started to plan Myth’s next moves around the village, an urgent matter popped up. There was a new book to move over to as I headed off! With generally mild conflicts up to this point, it looked like everything was in good order. This was going to be a simple romp in the woods, culminating with a good-natured joke. Right? …

Off to Another Adventure in Legacy of Dragonholt

In the Interest of Time

Time is almost like a resource. Activities and specific choices allow time to pass, and outcomes are often heavily dependent on how far along everything is.

Note to self: When there’s an emergency, treat it as an actual emergency! I made Myth dawdle in the village.

In some respects, this made sense. She progressed in her training, although the places I thought might provide assistance didn’t actually pan out. No luck today!

So when I finally started into the forest, there was a hefty penalty I endured. Somehow, things didn’t seem so good…

The Importance of Planning Time Wisely in Legacy of Dragonholt

Being the Heroic Character

I created Myth to be someone who wanted to rise to the occasion and turn into the hero. Perhaps I wasn’t as invested in who she was as some of my other RPG characters, yet she wasn’t a nobody. I had a Calico Critter for her, after all!

Without knowing it, I set her up to fail at a quest. This wasn’t a simple matter of dropping a pie or losing a set of tracks. It came down to a matter of life and death for an important character. Maybe I hadn’t directly encountered him in the story, yet he was part of the village I had come to love so much over just a few hours of gameplay.

What does it mean to fail as the hero? This wasn’t a highly emotional sort of event, yet I still felt saddened by what happened. There was a connection to the story that I didn’t take for granted. Too often, events in games just happen, and then I move right along to the next task. This felt overarching, like it would impact the rest of the play.

A Sad Farewell

I was actually shocked about what befell young Phillip. Now I know how to avoid this in the future, should I remember, but there was no turning back. He was gone.

This defeated walk back to Dragonholt took its toll. As Myth, it felt like a somber mood descended over the usually cheerful village. Nothing would be the same.

For me, as a player, I continued to berate myself over all that wasted time! It would be so easy to just go back…

But no. I used to have a tendency to cheat with gamebooks. Here, it all felt so heavy, and I wasn’t about to erase it.

A Sad and Depressing Sort of Quest Failure in Legacy of Dragonholt

When Failure Isn’t a Total Failure

Immediate reactions were exceptionally negative, to the point that I wondered if this was the end for Myth. Luckily, this doesn’t seem to be a game where the story ends early on. I was expecting a giant “The End” at the bottom of every paragraph… It never came! Now it looks like I just have to go forward with this unfortunate incident.

Maybe the alternative wouldn’t change things up drastically. Or maybe it would! I’m definitely forging forward with this play, although I can see some changes I would make in a future play. Still, this quest failure hit me unexpectedly hard. It mattered, and I would make sure that Myth was more attuned to events in the future. Farwell, Phillip.

Session Overview

Play Number: 3
Solo Mode: Included in the Base Game
Play Details: Village Chapter 3 and Whispering Leaves
Required Play Space: 30″ x 26″
Setup Time: Almost None
Play Time: 30 Minutes
Outcome: Complete

A few interesting story points happened in Eventide Forest, but they were completely overshadowed. To me, this is the work of excellence: A story that makes me feel isn’t easy to come by. Hopefully, happiness is ahead!

Forging Forward with the Story in Legacy of Dragonholt


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Without giving away any spoilers, are there specific moments that you remember from Legacy of Dragonholt? This outcome will likely stay with me for some time. I’m both excited and a little apprehensive about future quests… Let’s hope Myth can do better! Who are some of your favorite non-player characters? At least the village is still intact!


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