Village Green: A Tranquil Countryside Game of Awards

October 5, 2021 | Sessions | 2 comments

Craft an award-winning outdoor area of delightful flowers, trees, ponds, and other structures in Village Green.

Although I enjoy trying out all sorts of games, those that play quickly in the gardening or nature realm often appeal to me just a little more. Village Green was a surprise find in a board game swap a little while back! It’s had a few plays, yet with an endless deluge of rain for days, I needed something to brighten up the indoors! Plus another costumed guest…

Game Overview

Game Name: Village Green
Publication Year:
 Peer Sylvester
 Joanna Rosa
Publisher: Osprey Games
Solo Mode: Included in the Base Game

In a simple 4×4 grid, awards align with specific rows and columns as the space is filled with beautiful, tranquil scenes. There are risks to be taken, along with decisions to carefully consider the placement of the flowers. It may look relatively simple, yet there’s a fun little challenge!

A Lovely Bench for a Respite in Village Green

First Play

June 8, 2021



Latest Play

October 3, 2021



Setup Time

Almost None

Lifetime Plays


Play Time

10 Minutes


High Score



Game Area

24" x 16"


Low Score


Choosing a Village

Although every card is simply lovely and relaxing, the choice of the representative village is quite important!

Previously, I chose Markey Foxby partially for its name but mainly due to the presence of sheep. It was the closest I could get to Calico Critters, after all. Ha ha!

The only thing missing is a village card for St. Mary Mead, of course. These all seemed like the perfect setting for an Agatha Christie book… Minus the murder!

This time, Newton Poemoor called to me and I set out to turn it into an award-winning spot all others would envy.

Choosing a Wonderful Countryside Village in Village Green

A Limited Selection

Perhaps an issue with the solo game is the distinct lack of choices. Only 3 cards of each type are shown at once, and this often leads to taking a risk by drawing the top card.

It boils down to making the most of what’s available, but this can sometimes be quite problematic based on luck.

I might change things up to discard a card per round or possibly have 4 of each type of available. Cycling through the deck is not something that’s possible in solo.

Regardless, I still saw some options before me and had a vague plan in mind to get to planting!

Taking Risks with the Available Village and Award Cards in Village Green


I didn’t fare too poorly! Since each card must be adjacent to a flower of the same type or color, this can make placement a little difficult. Hence the empty area!

Despite not scoring as well as I might have, it still turned out to be a nice season for Newton Poemoor.

I believe the neighboring villages and judges at least offered up some polite applause. Definitely acceptable!

This was also a game that has one of my favorite characteristics: Time flies while the decisions seem integral, leading to an experience that feels much shorter.

Reaching the End with a Respectable Score in Village Green

Stranger in the Pond

There were most certainly a few ponds in Newton Poemoor, for what upstanding country village wouldn’t have some lovely spots for fishing or sketching?!

On closer inspection, though, there was a rather unusual blue duck flapping away in the water! Hello, little Calico Critter! Another simply adorable costume, if I do say so.

Ponds are an interesting element, for they typically add 2 victory points and don’t align with many awards.

I had a feeling I might be able to do just a little better if luck was on my side, along with a little blue duck…

An Unusual Duck in the Pond of Village Green

Waddling Home

Before I could set Newton Poemoor back in order, I was chased around by a quacking, waddling visitor! The important news was an award for ponds, naturally.

With a dangerous StoryWorld card that spoke of greenery coming to life, I could definitely see the appeal of just focusing on water. Ponds, ponds, and more ponds for all!

It can be difficult to pass up guaranteed victory points, yet the judges award the villages that take some risks.

I promised to do my best to incorporate lots of ponds for this duck, who was easily placated with Halloween sweets.

Wadding Towards Excellence in Ponds in Village Green

The Greatest Village

Well, that went even better than I might have planned! I didn’t quite hit the top scoring tier, yet I earned my highest score yet with a full area that was marvelous.

Interestingly, 8 of the 9 cards were all lilies. That should have been worth some sort of extra prize! It did make card placement very easy, though, since everything matched.

I had interesting choices with the structures, for there were some awards I didn’t want to replace. Tricky!

There were still a few elements that didn’t quite work for me, but my little duck friend made it all a lot of fun!

A Simply Wonderful Village of the Best Sort in Village Green

Session Overview

Play Number: 5 and 6
Solo Mode: Included in the Base Game
Outcome: 25 and 32 (1 Win and 1 Loss)

Every award was quite lucrative, yet I had a lovely 6 victory points come in from aligning some structures and trees! It was a lot of fun to see things come together with some luck, yet I still had to carefully plan some of these placements. Many of the awards threatened to subtract points, but I managed to steer clear of those pitfalls. It still seemed like I should have earned something extra for all those lilies! Such a charming little village scene.

Excellent Scores and Awards for a Grand Little Space in Village Green


1 Play


Price & Value



Challenges & Mechanics



Design & Theme



Components & Rules



Achievement & Enjoyment



Distinctness & Randomness


+ Pros (Positives)

  • There is a very relaxing atmosphere that comes through the combination of the theme, mechanics, and artwork.
  • Each play takes about 10 minutes and offers enough interesting decisions to make the time quickly fly by.
  • Choosing how to arrange the space based on the awards in the rows and columns is quite interesting.
  • Only a small portion of the cards are used during each play, leading to plenty of variety and different options.
  • The rules are relatively straightforward and take only a couple of plays to understand completely.
  • Arranging the flowers by color and type must be done carefully so that every space may be filled in.

– Cons (Negatives)

  • Yellow flowers are rather difficult to see with the color chosen for the iconography, which is quite a shame.
  • There is only a single chance to cycle through the available cards during a play, which can lead to limited choices.
  • A great deal of importance is placed on the luck of the draw over strategy when there aren’t many options.
  • Next to the lovely watercolor artwork, the icons look a little less polished and unfinished than they could be.

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Victory Conditions

Score 30+ Points

  • Overall Goal Progress 67% 67%

Goals and Milestones


Score at least 25 points.


Score at least 30 points.


Score at least 35 points.

Continue the Conversation

What do you think of Village Green? I had a lovely time putting together this selection of little scenes. Sometimes, it’s pleasant to find a calm kind of theme and enjoy the experience. Do you have other cozy sorts of games? I still have to work towards my ultimate goal to reach the highest scoring tier, so I shall return to Newton Poemoor again someday!


  1. No, no, absolutely, no murder here. Why yes, Mr Fellworthy’s garden is growing very well isn’t it? I don’t believe I’ve seen him in weeks…

    I don’t know this specific game, but I have found that shifting from “draw the top card and play it” to “have one in hand, draw another, play one of them and keep the other one” can expand the decision space of a game substantially.

    • Ha! One does wonder why these areas are so very green. Missing folks from the neighboring villages? Absolutely nothing to worry about. Not at all!

      Great point about the expanded decision space. It can be a little tricky here since it’s so very limited, although I sometimes like that. Too many decisions can lead to a very easy experience. It feels challenging here and although there are some frustratingly bad outcomes, I still enjoy the game for the most part!


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