A Solo Attractions Guide to Fields of Green: Grand Fair

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Travel to Fields of Green: Grand Fair to take a look at a solo attractions guide to see the sights and customize the game.

I may have packed away Fields of Green recently, yet I wanted to do a little more of a deeper dive into the attractions. These come from the excellent expansion, Fields of Green: Grand Fair, and create new ways to earn bonuses or victory points. Explore a guide aimed at the solo mode to see just what might be around the corner at the fair!

Appreciating the Art

A nice little bonus can be found on the back of every attraction… Unobstructed, full artwork! Perhaps not the most exciting thing, yet also far from unnecessary.

I often set up the unused attractions face-down nearby. They add a lot of charm and give the appearance of a fair taking place with so many scenes and people.

This is a game that celebrates the slower pace of life. Each piece of art conveys that perfectly, even at the fair!

Artists and graphic designers are sometimes hidden away, yet their work often defines a board game’s presence.

Admiring the Attractions in Fields of Green

What Exactly is an Attraction?

Imagine an old-fashioned fair coming to town with all sorts of interesting places to explore. Each attraction represents an individual booth or event, complete with charming artwork and unique rules. The trick is to find the right ones for the set of goals. In the solo game, each attraction in play is worth -5 victory points in the end, which can be a lot.

There are a total of 10 unique attractions, some split across different expansions. These include:

  • Agricultural Market: Adds extra cards to every round that may be swapped out for coins. (Grand Fair)
  • Beer Festival: Offers bonuses for taking actions other than building locations. (Grand Fair)
  • Carnival Ride: Rewards coins when locations matching the nearby spaces are built. (Grand Fair)
  • Dancing Contest: Provides multiple bonus options that expand over the course of play. (Grand Fair)
  • Equipment Show: Allows equipment to be chosen or purchased for more control. (Grand Fair)
  • Hay Bale Throwing Contest: Encourages similarly priced locations to be built. (Grand Fair)
  • Livestock Exhibition: Trades coins for victory points based on livestock types. (Kickstarter Promo)
  • Milking Contest: Gives the option of re-harvesting a location by paying coins. (Grand Fair)
  • Pie Eating Contest: Includes an ongoing way to trade food for other kinds of bonuses. (Kickstarter Promo)
  • Tractor Race: Lays out an ideal path for building locations and rewards victory points. (Grand Fair)

Take a closer look at some details below before finding out which are my favorites that I use most of the time!

Agricultural Market

Off to the market! In the solo game, the added options can make a big difference. This amounts to 4 new locations every year, consisting of each major type.

But what’s the real benefit? Swapping costs 1-2 coins, so the location has to be absolutely perfect to make sense.

This attraction also needs to make up 5 victory points. With the loss of coins and the very random nature of the cards, this one never worked out for me, unfortunately.

The special ability used in the solo mode provides a more reliable option. Sadly, no market for me in the future!

Taking a Look at the Agricultural Market in Fields of Green

Beer Festival

Rewards galore! This attraction is one of my favorites. It rewards you for taking other actions besides building a location. And these always happen during a play. Always.

With these actions, you move 1 space up the track and may take 1 food, 1 water, 1 victory point, or 2 coins.

Reaching the higher spaces is almost guaranteed, so it’s very easy to make up the lost victory points. Plus, this is about as easy as it gets in terms of rules and upkeep!

The small bonuses are very strategic, yet don’t make the game particularly easy. It’s a well-balanced festival!

Stopping to Browse the Beer Festival in Fields of Green

Carnival Ride

Climb aboard the carnival ride, otherwise known as the carousel or merry-go-round! This is an interesting spot that can create some strategic moments.

Your tractor starts off the board and enters based on the first built location. Building a matching location then rewards 1 coin as your tractor goes round and round.

The coin bonus typically doesn’t make up for the lost victory points, but this can be very thought-provoking.

It plays into the card draft in a way that isn’t expected. I personally enjoy it, particularly for all the coins!

Taking a Spin Around the Carnival Ride in Fields of Green

Dancing Contest

Swing your partner left and right… And then wonder what everyone else is doing. It’s all about the dance. Ha ha!

This might be the most complicated attraction with so many rules. It’s all about building locations of a certain type each year for the solo game, then moving 1-2 spaces.

There are a variety of bonuses, including a double-action turn or location movement. Yet in the end, the upkeep feels difficult and it often goes against the solo goals.

It’s really only worth it if the final space is reached and the newly drawn location card is worth 5+ victory points.

A Day at the Dancing Contest Attraction in Fields of Green

Equipment Show

This attraction can actually change the game in major ways. It cuts down on the randomness of freshly earned equipment, allowing 4 options to be used instead.

Additionally, once per year, a revealed equipment tile may be purchased for 3 coins. This can be quite lucrative!

However, I’ve found that this attraction always leads to a plethora of equipment. This works decently but isn’t the best strategy all the time in the solo mode.

I personally like to use this when equipment is a solo goal, or when I know this is how I want to gain victory points.

Taking a Look at the Equipment Show in Fields of Green

Hay Bale Throwing

‘Tis a contest! The attraction artwork and idea are quite excellent and tie into the rules very nicely.

In short, you’re trying to build locations of the same or similar values 2 turns in a row. If expensive buildings are built back-to-back, this rewards 2 victory points. Nice!

However, this can detract from the solo goals and make it difficult to advance. The choices aren’t always that great and the randomness of the cards makes it hard to pull off.

Alas, I’m apparently not going to be throwing many hay bales! This only works in rare instances for me.

Entering the Hay Bale Throwing Contest in Fields of Green

Livestock Exhibition

Saddle up the horses and round up the cattle! Or just any of the livestock. Ha! This attraction is excellent and allows coins to be traded in for end game victory points.

The concept is simple: You choose a type of livestock at the end of a year and may advance as many spaces as you have matching locations. But it all comes at a price!

Remember, though, that livestock typically generates a lot of coins. So the tradeoff makes a lot of sense.

The top space is actually worth 20 victory points in the solo mode. Definitely worth it in many situations!

Showcasing the Best Animals in the Livestock Exhibition in Fields of Green

Milking Contest

This might be the only mislabeled attraction, at least in my opinion. I thought it would have to do with dairy livestock, or maybe just livestock in general. But no!

For an increasing number of coins, any location may be re-harvested. This can be quite valuable, of course!

Coins can be hard to come by, but giving up a few might result in a lucrative harvest during the action phase. Note that the solo rules are a little different than those shown.

I like this attraction, although it’s really only worth it later in the game when extra harvests can be very valuable.

At the Grand Fair with the Milking Contest in Fields of Green

Pie Eating Contest

The attraction most likely to generate laughs is right here! That’s right: Everyone is face-down in a pie to eat it as quickly as possible. What a fun sort of time at the fair!

This allows food to be exchanged for a type of bonus. Each step up also ends up awarding victory points in the end.

However, this only works if food is stored from year to year with full silos. My style of play rarely follows this logic, so I never make up the 5 lost victory points.

As much as I love the artwork and idea here, it’s never quite lived up to my standards with the solo mode.

Fun and Games at the Pie Eating Contest in Fields of Green

Tractor Race

Vroom, vroom! This extremely slow-moving race is more of a leisurely drive in the solo mode with no opponents.

It might look boring on the surface: Simply move ahead 1 space each time the matching location is built. Field, livestock, field, and so on to the very end.

The easy victory points aren’t the best part, though. It actually provides an early path to expanding and creating a working engine. Clever, useful, and beneficial!

This attraction is often a must-have since it’s hard not to earn at least 5 victory points and the rules are simple.

Slow and Steady in the Tractor Race Attraction in Fields of Green

My Favorite Things

There they are! My own little fair usually includes 2 of these attractions. I’ve never gone up to the maximum of 3 attractions in play at once, but it may happen one day!

It can be hard to know exactly what attractions to use. I learned through experience which ones didn’t appeal to me, while others offered very useful bonuses.

That’s the thing about the fair: There’s something for everyone! Even the dancing contest has its place.

Choosing which ones to play with is often fun, yet there are some interesting strategies to work on over time.

Personal Fair Favorites from Fields of Green

Ranking Attractions

This is a very subjective opinion, of course, yet this is how I would generally order the different attractions in terms of usefulness and enjoyment according to my experiences.

This is for the solo mode and ties into my own play style, so I’m sure it’s different for everyone! When I have a chance to choose the attractions, these are my general preferences.

There are a few instances where I might choose something a little further down in the rankings, though.

For instance, the equipment show is often a must-have with the equipment solo goal! It all depends, and it’s vital to choose attractions that offset lost victory points.

Play enough, and you’ll have your own favorites! It’s also important to note that even attractions at the bottom of my list can have their uses in the right situations.

Perhaps the most important takeaway is that there are so many combinations. Never a dull moment at the fair!

  • Beer Festival
  • Livestock Exhibition
  • Tractor Race
  • Carnival Ride
  • Milking Contest
  • Equipment Show
  • Agricultural Market
  • Hay Bale Throwing Contest
  • Pie Eating Contest
  • Dancing Contest

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Continue the Conversation

What are your favorite attractions from Fields of Green: Grand Fair? Feel free to rank your list and share it! I’m very curious about other opinions. The livestock exhibition is partially amazing because I like all the animals. Ha ha! Have you seen your strategies change when attractions are in play? These are certainly excellent additions to the solo mode!


  1. I really appreciate this kind of detailed evaluation – thanks!

    And while I don’t think of myself as particularly affected by art, sometimes it just works – for example in Small Islands where it just perfectly matches the mood, bright and cheerful.

    (Talking about it more in the next podcast. Yay podcast! Link from my name above.)

    • You’re welcome, and thank you for the kind words! Artwork is a very interesting topic with board games. At least back in the day, it felt less important. Nowadays, a lot of games look like collectible pieces that can be put on display or at least admired at the table.

      I’m sure it’s different for everyone, of course, but that’s been my experience. The art isn’t the main reason why I choose to buy a game, since mechanics and a good solo mode are still vital. But I do enjoy artwork that adds a lot to the experience and complements the title!


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