Pies and Tractors: The Last Attractions in Fields of Green

January 31, 2021 | Sessions | 2 comments

Learn more about the charming experience of tabletop farming in Fields of Green and its many fair attractions.

Time for the last set of attractions from Fields of Green! I eagerly looked at the end of the pile. This wasn’t a bad week of gaming by any means, though I felt about ready to move on. My tastes often change all the time, so this was nothing new to take into account. There was still plenty of time to work on my scores, though, and build an excellent farm!

Game Overview

Game Name: Fields of Green
Publication Year:
 Vangelis Bagiartakis
 G. Bobrowski, T. Jedruszek, and N. Robinson
Publisher: Artipia Games
Solo Mode: Included in Fields of Green: Grand Fair

The 3 solo goals guide the progress of each play with definite victory conditions. With this combination, both money and growth felt a little off-the-mark with the relaxing atmosphere. It wasn’t much of a surprise to see me actually fail this time around. My poor fields!

A Trio of Extremely Difficult and Not-So-Relaxing Solo Goals in Fields of Green

First Play

January 27, 2019



Latest Play

January 30, 2021



Setup Time

5 Minutes

Lifetime Plays


Play Time

35 Minutes


High Score



Game Area

34" x 28"


Low Score


Trouble with Goals

Just like that… I failed in back-to-back plays. Whoa! It was quite frustrating. Part of it came from me thinking the harvest goal only required 10 locations instead of 12.

Yet this was another difficult combination, especially when vegetable fields didn’t come out that often.

I decided to split up the deck of solo goals to create a slightly more balanced selection. More on that in a little bit! I just thought the selection was sometimes too tricky.

These were the only photos from a terrible session. After resetting, I went right back to it with a better outlook.

Making Poor Use of Harvest Abilities in a Fields of Green Loss

Strange Crop Circles

In the past, I don’t think I used the crop circle card. There are only 3 of these in the constructions deck, so it doesn’t tend to come up that often. But not this time…

There was a card I had that generated coins based on its distance from the main silo. It was only 3 spaces away… So not terrible, but also not anything to write home about.

When the crop circle appeared, it was perfect timing! I moved the card far, far away to the furthest corner.

It was now 8 spaces away from the main silo. Almost triple the harvest income! Thank you, giant crop circle.

A Curious and Excellent Construction in the Crop Circle from Fields of Green

Stocking Up on Coins

I finally had my engine down! I ended up with an enormous number of coins… My highest yet, if memory serves me correctly. 29 victory points for me right here!

Although I’ve had issues with some attractions and outright failures, my farming skills have noticeably improved. My typical score has certainly increased.

Note that my main issue with these coins is how similar they are. I sometimes have to dig a bit for the right value.

But regardless of that minor issue, I was finally able to afford practically any location I wanted to build!

An Impressive Amount of Final Coins in Fields of Green

A Tasty Grand Fair Spot

Of all the attractions, the pie eating contest might be my favorite. The mechanic of paying more and more food ties right in with the event. Look at all those pies to be eaten!

However, this is another situational attraction. It only makes sense if it’s possible to stockpile harvested food.

Every step up rewards a choice of victory points, water, or coins. I left them off since it was just easier to pick them up than fill up the entire board with them.

If anything, this made it clear how most attractions work best when paired with the right kinds of solo goals.

Devouring Everything in the Pie Eating Contest from Fields of Green

Low-Speed Racing

Ah, the tractor race! The solo mode only uses a single tractor, but I put them all out just to showcase the colors.

This attraction allows the tractor to advance when the right kind of location is built. It starts off with a field, then livestock, and so on in a set pattern.

I actually really enjoyed this! The order mimics the creation of an engine, so it almost helps teach and drive home some of the main concepts of the game.

The amount of work involved was also simple as my tractor chugged along at a steady pace. 10 victory points!

A Fun Sort of Tractor Race in Fields of Green

Dividing the Solo Goals

Maybe I fared well after my initial pair of failures, yet I wanted to make a change to the solo goals. It could be far too difficult when certain ones were grouped together.

So I split them up into 2 decks: All field and livestock cards together, and then everything else in a separate pile.

I drew 2 cards from each shuffled deck and chose my 3 solo goals. Much better! There was variety without having a nearly impossible assortment to fulfill.

Perhaps I’ll adjust this as I go, but this was an easy fix that helped me get to where I wanted. Also… Giant tractor!

Finding a Way to Even Out the Solo Goals in Fields of Green

Session Overview

Play Number: 21-24
Expansion 1: Fields of Green: Grand Fair
Expansion 2: Grand Fair: Kickstarter Promo Cards
Expansion 3: Fields of Green: Crop Circle
Expansion 4: Fields of Green: Kickstarter Promo Cards
Solo Mode: Included in Fields of Green: Grand Fair
Play Details: Pie Eating Contest and Tractor Race
Outcome: 0, 0, 72, and 82 (2 Wins and 2 Losses)

Much better! Those warmup failures helped me jump ahead to some very respectable scores. The oxen were my secret here, worth about 20 coins in the later harvests!

Finding Ways to Make the Most of the Oxen in Fields of Green


20 Plays


Price & Value



Challenges & Mechanics



Design & Theme



Components & Rules



Achievement & Enjoyment



Distinctness & Randomness


+ Pros (Positives)

  • Wooden food and water tokens fit neatly onto the harvest spaces of each card to make it easy to track the process.
  • Play time typically lasts around 30 minutes and flies by with minimal analysis paralysis or other considerations.
  • Locations can spread out in any direction, yet it’s rare that this expands beyond the set play area.
  • High scores take practice to work out the most useful card combinations and paths to victory points.
  • It’s always a joy to see the artwork on the cards, which evokes a feeling of relaxation that fits the theme perfectly.
  • The solo card draft works very well with important decisions and a process that requires very little upkeep.

– Cons (Negatives)

  • Resorting all of the cards in between plays doesn’t take much time, but can feel tedious with a large card stack.
  • Some of the locations are only useful to build at the right times and luck plays a part in when they appear.
  • The text can seem a little small at times, particularly for locations far away from the central silo and water tower.
  • Although minor, the cardboard coins and victory points are much lower in quality than the wooden components.

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Victory Conditions

Score 70+ Points

  • Overall Goal Progress 67% 67%

Goals and Milestones


Score at least 70 points.


Score at least 80 points.


Score at least 90 points.

Continue the Conversation

Have you enjoyed this look at Fields of Green and its various attractions? What other relaxing games do you enjoy? I’m thrilled with how my scores generally improved during the course of this deep-dive. There was a lot to learn and plenty of animals to welcome to my little farms! I may not play this all the time, yet it’s definitely a well-designed solo game!


  1. Yes, it does seem as though the coins could at least have been different colours without increasing production costs.

    I got several sets of Illuminati Coins through my work for Steve Jackson Games, and they have a great advantage over most metal game coins I’ve seen: while the reverse isn’t particularly pretty, it does bear a large obvious value, so you can just leave them that way up for quick reading while still having the tactile pleasure of metal coins.


    • Very nice example, Roger! I own very few metal coins, but I might simply utilize them for as many games as I can. I own lots of other nice cardboard sets, come to think of it… There might be an easy solution lurking in a nearby game box. Ha! Thanks for sharing, as this has given me some good ideas for how to handle subpar coin sets in the future!


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