Adventure Tactics: Domianne’s Tower and Lady Vinleskya

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Tag along with a party of heroes on their continuing journey through the story in Adventure Tactics: Domianne’s Tower.

Onto another scenario in Adventure Tactics: Domianne’s Tower! There’s always the struggle to keep a single game on the table, or try to cycle through several. At the same time, I’m absolutely horrible at returning to campaigns. So here I am, devoted to play through to the end with my party of Elwyn, Quinn, and Roberta. Who would they face next?

Spoiler Alert

As always, if you’re interested in playing through the campaign yourself, it might be wise to skip this entry for now. It contains some spoilers for scenario 18. Initial discoveries can be a lot of fun. Please plan accordingly!

Game Overview

Game Name: Adventure Tactics: Domianne’s Tower
Publication Year:
 Nicholas Yu
 A. Bereza, M. Cofer, D. Cowals, J. Croft, and 5 More
Publisher: Letiman Games
Solo Mode: Included in the Base Game (Cooperative)

As I previously mentioned, I chose to go with the hero standees over the miniatures. Either option works! They worked their way onward until a strange laboratory stood before them. Time to plan for another battle. I knew what I was doing… This could definitely be a success!

The Brave Adventuring Party in Adventure Tactics: Domianne's Tower

First Play

December 25, 2020



Latest Play

January 3, 2021



Setup Time

10 Minutes

Lifetime Plays


Play Time

40 Minutes


High Score



Game Area

54" x 32"


Low Score


Organization Tricks

For an idea of the necessary table space, this is everything for Elwyn with the campaign guide nearby. Busy, busy!

I use a custom card holder to keep some elements in order, though it’s not the easiest thing in the world. Still, there could be worse ways to keep everything close at hand.

Note his he’s grown with lots of passive abilities! These add new options to what he can do during each turn.

The artwork is a lot of fun. It’s been great to watch Elwyn turn into a true war mage with plenty of fireball powers in his deck. Very thematic and useful in every scenario!

Looking Out Across the Play Area of Elwyn in Adventure Tactics: Domianne's Tower

Ready for Action

Just like that, the heroes stood before Lady Vinleskya. I was happy with the initial initiative! The randomness might not be for everyone, yet I like how this changes.

I had some lofty plans in mind with the way the totems worked. There was no hope of doing much damage without carefully taking out the right ones.

Still, a whopping 60 damage needed to be done in order to claim success. My track record made that look unlikely.

The important thing was the feeling that I could figure this out. I might have been bad, but I was improving!

Preparing for Battle in a New Scenario from Adventure Tactics: Domianne's Tower

Toppling a Totem

There’s no denying the sassy confidence that Roberta possesses! She proudly destroyed the nearest totem, which would allow Elwyn to cause lots of damage.

Her sights were already set on another totem in the distance. More prospects of damage? Yes, please!

Only I didn’t anticipate what Lady Vinleskya’s abilities might do. Out of nowhere, the toppled totem was back up and magically protecting her from specific dice damage.

How tricky! I had to adjust my plans, and that didn’t even take into account the slimy blobs all over the place…

Felling the Red Totem from Adventure Tactics: Domianne's Tower

Too Close for Comfort

I worked on the totems with Elwyn and Roberta, while Quill cleaned up the slime and healed from a safe place.

There was an awesome moment when Elwyn snuck up to stand right next to the enemy. She was quite annoyed, even though he had no way of doing any damage to her.

Except Roberta was standing by! She destroyed the red totem again, traded places with Elwyn, and struck.

The war mage wasn’t done, though! He, too, possessed the teleportation card and swapped with Roberta before landing a pair of basic attacks. Quite an exciting turn!

An Innocent Look on Elwyn's Face Prior to an Attack in Adventure Tactics: Domianne's Tower

Session Overview

Play Number: 4
Expansion: Adventure Tactics Hero Pack 1
Solo Mode: Included in the Base Game (Cooperative)
Play Details: Scenario 18 with Elwyn, Quill & Roberta
Outcome: Loss

I was managing the revive potions well, until things took a turn and the totems did far too much damage. Quill, of all people, was knocked out and the scenario came to an end. Yet another loss! I seem to have a pattern. The heroes continue to level up and advance, though, so I’m not too upset. Let’s just hope I’m actually learning… Ha ha!

Floating Away with the Revive Potions from Adventure Tactics: Domianne's Tower


10 Plays


Price & Value



Challenges & Mechanics



Design & Theme



Components & Rules



Achievement & Enjoyment



Distinctness & Randomness


+ Pros (Positives)

  • Initiative is randomized every round in a simple process, yet there are ways to affect a hero’s placement.
  • Leveling up each hero offers many different paths and feels like an accomplishment towards something great.
  • Each scenario presents very different enemies and bosses that require careful planning and teamwork.
  • Success is a huge challenge, but it never feels like a scenario is a guaranteed loss from the very beginning.
  • Heroes may be represented with standees or miniatures on the battle maps, depending on preferences.
  • The world and story are familiar in some ways, yet still feature compelling elements that seem interesting.

– Cons (Negatives)

  • The terrain tiles are rather bland and don’t exactly match the detailed examples in the campaign guide.
  • Managing the full play area takes careful organization, yet everything takes up an enormous amount of space.
  • It can be difficult to easily read all the information in the campaign guide from a short distance away.
  • Some of the choices for component quality and the box insert are a little disappointing and less practical.

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Victory Conditions

Complete the Scenario

  • Overall Goal Progress 42% 42%
  • Campaign Progress 100% 100%

Goals and Milestones


Complete scenario 1 with the bonus objective.


Complete scenario 33 with the bonus objective.


Complete scenario 36 with the bonus objective.


Complete scenario 40 with the bonus objective.


Complete scenario 42 with the bonus objective.


Complete scenario 5 with the bonus objective.


Complete scenario 10 with the bonus objective.


Complete scenario 17 with the bonus objective.


Complete scenario 18 with the bonus objective.


Complete scenario 24 with the bonus objective.


Complete scenario 26 with the bonus objective.


Complete scenario 29 with the bonus objective.

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How far are you in the Adventure Tactics: Domianne’s Tower campaign? I certainly need to go back through to get better at the scenarios. My skills are sorely lacking. What are your thoughts about campaign-based games? I’m still very hesitant about legacy or one-shot elements, though I don’t see this game occupying either space. Onward!


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